Paradise Island of Davao City


Paradise Island of Davao City is a very popular resort.It costs about 300 pesos per person for a day ticket, of which 50 pesos could be used on food in the restaurants. There is a separate area for people who could bring their own food and drinks and relax and still avail the beach and other water sport activities.We however chose to eat from the restaurant and down a couple of chilled beers.The food wasn’t anything extra-ordinary but it was a good quantity and we enjoyed enjoyed our meal with some good old live music playing and a good buzz around the place. We booked a massage at the Spa, which was pretty steeply priced in comparison to the other massage parlours I visited in Philippines and to be honest, they did not even do such a great place.Only respite we got in the super hot summer afternoon was an air-conditioned room and a lil snooze.The beachfront was inviting and the water was tempting…

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